Volleyball Season ends with Championships


Congratulations to both the Girls’ and Boys’ on their Tournament victories this weekend. 

On Saturday, the Girls went to KIST to take part in the tournament. In the first game, the girls defeated Canadian 2 sets to 0. The girls had great serving from A.F., M.K., and S.M. during the victories. The final was a tough game against BST. Both games went back and forth and the girls showed a lot of mental strength to win 26-24 and 25-23. The girls had some amazing saves / digs from S.M. and X.T. Serving was lead by A.F. and T.F. The team’s tournament MVP was S.M. and the tournament’s MVP was A.F. Again, congratulations to the Girls’ Team on an awesome season. Well done ladies. 

On Sunday, the Boys’ hosted the Tournament and did a great job as hosts. In the first game, the boys ran into a tough KIST team that fought hard but the boys pulled out a 2 sets to 0 victory. The boys served well with over 90% of their serves going in. The team then went on to play Canadian in the finals. It was a tense affair that saw the coach loss more hair and have a few heart failures along the way. In the deciding game, the team showed a lot of grit and fought back from a 14-10 deficit to win 16-14. There were some great kills from K.I., M.K. and T.W. They also blocked well with M.K., K.I., A.A. and R.B. pulling off some big ones. The team’s tournament MVP was T.W., while the tournament’s MVP was K.I. Congratulations, boys. What a great way to end the season!  (Mr.Fleming)



 土曜日、女子チームはトーナメントに出場するためKISTへと向いました。カナディアンインターナショナルとの初戦、A.F.とM.K.とS.Mがサーブで素晴らしい活躍を見せ、セットカウント2-0で勝利しました。次のBTSとの試合はとても厳しい戦いとなり、両セットとも非常に拮抗しました。しかし、選手たちは持ち前のメンタルの強さで、1セット目は26-24、 2セット目は25-23で見事勝利をもぎ取りました。勝利に貢献したのは、何と言ってもS.M.とX.T.のレシーブと、A.F.とT.F.のサーブでしょう。そして、チームのMVPにはS.M.が、トーナメントのMVPにはA.F.が選ばれました。改めて、みんなおめでとう!本当によく頑張りました。



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