Exciting Volleyball Match!!


 On the 30th, both the Girls’ and Boys’ were victorious in their games
against KIST. The Girls started out nervous in the first game but hung tight and pulled out a first set victory. Feeling more confident in the second set, the Girls were able to defeat the KIST girls. The Girls won the game 2 sets to 0. The whole team played well. The Girls’ team is now undefeated in league play this year.
 The Boys were also a little nervous in the first set and lost to the KIST
Boys. They fought hard though and pulled off a second set victory, setting
up a decisive third set. The third set went back and forth and a few hairs
were lost from their coaches head, but in the end the Boys were able to hold off the KIST boys and come out on top, 15-13. The Boys are now 2 and 0 for the season as well. (Mr.Fleming)




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