Pre-medical basics

Pre-medical basics for Juniors is canceled.

Pre-medical basics for Juniors

On successful completion of this course, the students will have a guaranteed seat in the pre-medical course at the MUL, when they graduate from high school.

Program Outline

Program Goal

Pre-medical basics for Juniors is designed to give those students who wish to challenge medical related studies for their postsecondary education in English. In general, students will need English language skills as well as the western style study skills when they seek for such education in English.
We hope students will have a good overview about learning in English for medical studies, what would it be like, tips to go through new challenges, do I really want to try medical study at an university in English and so on. In case they do wish to continue such challenges, Columbia International School(Columbia) will be one of the best schools to start with for them.

Arranged by LIEMG and Instructed by Professors from Medical University of Lublin

Arranged by LIEMG and Instructed by Professors from Medical University of Lublin

LIEMG(Lin’s International Education Management Group) has been devoting their passion in education to help students be successful in the medical field for more than 20 years in Taiwan, and now has offices all over the world.
MUL(Medical University of Lublin) is in Poland, and has been accepting international students for many years and offering medical programs in English. The medical licensing system is similar to the ones of Asian countries and it helps international students from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan to acquire medical education and licensing that is recognized globally.




Columbia International School- Tokorozawa, Saitama


July 27th – August 1st Mon-Sat 9:30am to 4:30pm


Introduction to Basic Life Saving Procedures
Introduction to Basic Clinical Skills
First Aid
Clinical Communication
Medical English
Polish Cultural


*Includes: Lectures, Practices, a Gown, insurance, lunches


Lunch is a set menu. No individual adjustment. If you have health and/or religious concerns in the lunch please feel free to bring your lunch from home.
Important: Students need to be responsible for storing their lunch from home in their classroom.
Please bring lunch from home if anyone has food restrictions.


1.Complete the application form, and mail/Email/Fax it to the school office.
(Online Application form (Google))
2.The application deadline is Apr 24th Friday, 2020. The results will be posted by mail to parents by May 15th, 2020.
3.Minimum required number of students for this program is 10. If there is less applicants the course will be canceled. The result will be informed to all the applicants by June 12th.
4.Payment information will be enclosed with your letter of acceptance. Once payment of fees is confirmed, the office will send a “Registration letter”. Please complete the payment by June 29th.

Cancellation policy

– 50,000yen will be charged in case of the cancellation upon the program fee payment completion. The bank remitting charges caused by the cancellation will be covered by recipients. No refund will be made (program/bus/lunch/T-shirts) after July 15th.
– No refund will be made for reasons such as absences due to sickness, injuries, classes being canceled by unexpected transportation disorder and/or severe weather.
– No refund will be made when the school sends students home for school safety reasons. The school may send a student(s) home or reject student’s/s’ attendance when the school finds inappropriate behavior/manners of the student(s) in order to maintain an appropriate classroom or school environment.
NOTE: This program may be changed, or canceled due to COVID-19 situations.


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