Boarding Program

A comfortable and secure living experience

Columbia International School offers boarding students both girls/boys safe and comfortable dormitory living experience. The dormitory was built in March, 2000 and is located about an 8 minute walk from the campus. The modern three story building was built with comfort and safety in mind. It provides an excellent environment for students to study and share their school experience.

Features of the Dormitory

1.A dorm supervisor resides permanently at the dormitory and takes care of students needs every day.
2.The building is equipped with the latest security technology.
The entrance door is equipped with an automatically lockable fingerprint security system. Each room has a personal identification number door security system. Each student is given an alarm card that allows for direct communication to the security company.


1F Cafeteria

Breakfast and dinner are offered from Monday to Saturday. In addition, the vending machines of snacks and beverages are available for boarding students. A large screen television is also installed for relaxation.

2F Rooms for singles and doubles

Each 6 mat room is equipped with an air-conditioner, a bed, curtains, a computer desk and chair, a cabinet, power outlets, a light, TV antenna and a phone terminal. Each floor is fully equipped with washrooms, shower rooms, coin washers, a refrigerator, an iron, and. In addition, a bedding lease service and cleaning service are also available. (Charged)


Fees Bond Boarding fee Major expenses Total
First year (Single) 150,000 1,080,000 150,000 1,380,000/year
150,000 360,000 50,000 560,000/term 1
First year (Double) 150,000 600,000 150,000 900,000/year
150,000 200,000 50,000 400,000/term 1
Second year or later
1,080,000 150,000 1,230,000/year
Second year or later
600,000 150,000 750,000/year

*Currency Unit : JPY
*The Boarding Fee and major expenses can be paid by term. The Bond Fee has to be a lump-sum payment at first.
*No meals provided on Sundays, national holidays and school holidays including summer, winter and spring.
*Dormitory residents cannot stay in the dormitory during the winter break.
*Staying during the summer and spring break please contact the office. Their stay may be approved with additional payment.
【Other expenses】
◇Electricity, Phone, coin washers and dryers etc.
【Details of the fees】
◇Boarding fee
Room charge + Furniture fee + Meals (twice a day) + Shower
◇Major expenses
Administrative expenses + Maintenance cost
It is repaid after the contact expires, minus any deductions required due to damages.

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