Ms. Y (A parent of an Elementary student)

My 3 children are typical “kids” no different from other kids in general. Each growing in their individual way and becoming more independent. At this school, at quite an early stage of elementary level, students are given a lot of things they need to work on independently. Sometimes they have to choose and decide what to do, and that makes them become responsible for their own choices. They feel a great sense of accomplishment when they complete a tasks successfully. If they couldn’t complete the task they will need to see what they must adjust and make a plan for improvement, they will also need to manage their time, and decide what series of actions will help them learn and experience improvement. They make small successes step by step and then eventually try to challenge bigger and bigger tasks and that helps students build confident at this school.
Students learn to be responsible for their own academic success but a good school environment can really help. As parents, we make our best efforts to give our children great learning environment like Columbia and we help our students understand what they have and do their best at school. It would be great if they can all have good marks but different child has different skills, interests, character and have different successes. We like that Columbia supports and challenges our children in many different ways
I truly hope all children can learn where they can be themselves and build their own identity rather than being in a stressful environment and lose their natural power of being a child. I am now very satisfied and happy with the fact I can offer such a great environment to my children.

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